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Mary Maguire & Steven McGraw

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Love Quest


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Love Quest explores the journeys of two women in the perilous world of online dating



A renowned scientist once theorized that finding “intelligent life” on other planets in the universe would be like shooting a particular blackbird in a room full of blackbirds, with the lights out.
Ironically, the same probability applies for finding a "normal man” on an online dating service.

Kate Crawford, 60, is recently divorced after a 30-year marriage.  Her husband left her for a younger woman and she is dealing with issues of abandonment, old age and the new world order of internet dating. It is a position in which she never thought she would find herself.  Her concerned daughter, Megan, posts Kate's profile on the Love Quest dating site and Kate's is thrust into unknown territory. The “gentleman caller” is a thing of the past. Now a relationship is decided in a millisecond with the “swipe” of a finger across your smart phone. And speed dating gives Kate sixty seconds to present herself, thirty seconds too long for many of the younger men who sit across from here.

Brook Davis, 35, single, has climbed the corporate ladder in the fashion industry with a driven, single minded focus. Her ambition left her little time for socializing which is just fine with her. Raised in foster homes she has learned to only trust herself.  A relationship would only get in her way. However, executives in her firm want her to raise her celebrity profile by being seen and photographed at the right places with eye candy dates. Her assistant, Bové, reluctantly signs her up on Love Quest. Brook is far more cynical than Kate and is more amused than shocked by what she encounters in the world of high speed dating.

Kate and Brook meet after a bad date goes awry and become friends and allies in this strange new dating world. Each has started with different goals and they both find something they didn’t expect. Kate finds an inner strength and realizes what is truly important in life. Brook learns to trust again. And neither outcome is the result of an online search.


The set consists of two tables and four chairs. Pools of light define the playing space.
An upstage projection screen displays locations as well as Love Quest profiles.

Katherine Crawford 60, divorced after a 30 year marriage
Brook Davis 35, high powered fashion designer
Megan Crawford 28, daughter of Katherine.
Bové 29, Brook's assistant. His dress is exotic.
His mannerisms flamboyant.
Hal Brennan 64, Gentleman caller
Eric 45, plays all other men

For info contact: SFMcGraw@gmail.com