Season 100

Theatre Jacksonville

Love Quest explores the  journeys of two women in the perilous world of online dating. Kate Crawford, 57, is recently divorced after a 30-year marriage. Left by her  husband for a younger woman, she is dealing with issues of abandonment,  ageing and the new world order of internet dating. Brook Davis, 32,  single, is climbing the corporate ladder in the fashion industry with a  driven, single minded focus and has just won “The Emerging Designer of  the Year”.  Kate and Brook meet after a bad date goes awry and become  friends and allies in this strange new dating world. Each has started  with different goals and they both find something they didn’t expect. 

"The play's unabashed cleverness, in turn, produces non stop  laughs. That  is, laughs that are genuine. Laughs that are tart and  pungent. Laughs  that catch you by surprise. Laughs that keep you  reeling."  

- Jim Ruocco - From the Desk of Jim R


"There are some really engaging scenes that  highlight the show. One scene is Kate imagining she is in a boxing ring,  fighting against all of the losers she has met on her dates. She  delivers recaps of their inept one-liners and come-ons and then knocks  them out. It’s an especially pleasing moment,..." 

"there’s a line… that is sheer poetry. I can’t imagine a woman’s heart not melting a bit at hearing this." -  From Geary Danihy

A Romantic Comedy for the 21st Century